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"The Photographer's Booth" Atlanta's Corporate , Gala , Mitzvahs , Event planners & Exhibit booth Connection

Atlanta Green Screen Photo booth - Atlanta Green Screen Gif booth 3.0 - Atlanta Green Screen Event Photographers - Photo Marketing Technologies - Photographers Mobile On Site Printing, Experiential marketing, Exhibit booth drawing card strategies, E-mail and data collection. StarLab Productions is your marketing assistant at work for you!

Atlanta Instant Digital on location photos with professional photography producing perfectly exposed, clear, crisp, photos within just seconds at your events

Warner Brothers Event
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Green Screen technology works. StarLab Productions was Warner Brothers first choice for green screen photography

The above image provided by and with permissions from "Warner Brothers" created in Roswell GA for their 85th anniversary party in 2012, demonstrates our "Digital Magic" Studio Division, making Starlab Productions a true leader in green screen photography with the fastest on location printing in the industry.  Because of our productions background, some of our clients such as Warner Brothers, Starz, CNN, Turner Broadcast and many others have provided a format for us to develop a more refined skill at creating realism in the end product that stands out from our competitors. By using our professional photographer we can produce cleaner, sharper, more properly exposed and color corrected images then ever before, all retouched, edited and printed in a high quality fashion faster than a photo booth output

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   Our instant on location photography and high speed printing for handling high volumes is what keeps Starlab Productions your number one choice. Combing a portrait studio and a photo booth giving you the best of both worlds. We have the ability to create any interactive background imaginable for guest to act out in while producing blazing fast high volume on site printing, delivering a print every few seconds. your branded Logo on each photo while it instantly uploads to guest email, Face-book, Instagram and Twitter accounts across the social media highway. Watch people stand in line to get there branded photo of themselves that can generate traffic to your website resulting in more sales for your company. We ensure all images we produce on site meet your general branding of the event. We service the whole southeast!
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Instant portrait photos
Instantly delivered high end photography at printed speeds faster than any photo booth

Instant Green Screen prints
Choose a variety of backgrounds, TV Shows, Movies & so much more!
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Event Photography - Green Screen - On-site Printing - Animation & Gig

Serving the Atlanta and Southeast for over 15 years: Corporate, Gala, Mitzvahs, Exhibit Booths,
Government, Store Activations and Private events.
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  Instant High Quality Green Screen photos and Onsite Printing using professional photographers for Your holiday Event! is it a photo booth?  (sort of but not really)   MUCH BETTER !
The Gif Booth

This amazing exclusive service turns heads at evry event! You can add this as an add on to instant green screen photos or a standalone service. StarLab's instant Green Screen Animation Studio uses "photo placement technology"  This allows subjects to move with objects allowing your guest to look like they are moving, disaperaing, flying or shrinking after we record them standing still acting out their part, it gives guest the fun of being creative! Our director of photography executes & directs attendees live while they have a blast acting out. Guest upload their file and receive it by text or email from from any device. A print can optionally be made on the spot from a frame in the video selected from the animations timeliness. Blazing fast 1 minute delivery!

Guest have a blast acting out in front of StarLabs proprietary green screen instant mobile gif booth. This can optionally be combined with any of our services. This service produces stunning animated short looped gifs that can be branded with overlay graphics and logo's.. Guest Email a link to themselves with retrieval options for download and social media sharing.
Our Professional photographers can create high quality Green Screen or non green screen photos for any event imaginable. This service can provide instant high quality prints within just seconds along with on the spot image uploading to text, email and social media. StarLab offers thousands of backgrounds, we will customize your background scene or use your own preferred on-site scene! No worries, we've got you covered and all within one all inclusive rate!. Our photographer becomes the ultimate director of photography. So whether it's for your brand acitvation, private party, trade show booth or corporate event, Starlabs high quality 3 point lighting system and professional photographers will meet and exceeds your expectations!
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StarLab Set UpOur mobile Photo & Animation set up.

   Introducing: The Animation Studio (Exclusive only from StarLab)

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Partial Client list:

Warner Brothers
Time Warner
Paramount Pictures
Ted Turner
Atlanta Hotels
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
And many more!
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