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Using Inovative green screen technologies!

Welcome to our site! What makes us different? Want something new, different & cutting edge? "The Directors Set" is the newest and most powerful exclusive StarLab innovation yet. It provides your guest with a true Hollywood experience to act out and hgave a blast. We come to your event & set up a small high quality green screen movie set, our software can animate your guest to fly, shrink, grow, disapear or reapper into our exclusively created movie like scenes that is then instantly created into a 20 second movie clip with full sound and 3D titling, and just to top it off it doubles as a photographers photo booth, Gif and video booth with free unlimited green screen photos. Our specially trianed high end photographers is what gives us a distinct edge. Green screen is normally always used at NO extra charge and is implemented into our Photos, Videos, Gif's; and Slow Motion products. You can combine most of these services together! We use professional photographers with ALL of our services.


Photographers Booth

    Our photographers photo booth in ways acts as a pedal stand do it yourself photo booth rental, but is actually a small photo studio doing the same thing only better. By letting our professional photographer run the show with pro lighting effects your guest experience & interaction is better, the posses are better, the quality is better, faster prints and the lines move faster! It is a no-brainer as to why the advantages out perform a standard photo booth rental. We create instant high quality green screen or non-green photos with amazing quick photo editing and manipulations on the fly that far exceed the speed and quality of what a simple Ipad disguised into a box covering can output!
    StarLab offers thousands of backgrounds. We will customize your background scene, or you can use your own preferred real staged on-site scene! Our photographer becomes the ultimate director of photography and gets the best posing and fun from your guest that simply exceeds what the modern day photo booth can do, !. So whether it's for your brand activation, private party, trade show booth or corporate event, Starlabs high quality 3 point lighting system and professional photographers will meet and exceeds your expectations! Serving the Atlanta and Southeast for over 15 years for Private events, Corporate, Galas, Mitzvahs, Exhibit Booths, Government, Store Activations festivals and more!

The Directors Set

    StarLab's NEW and amazing exclusive service called" The Directors Set" Gives your guest the opportunity to have fun and act in a scene that provides a true Hollywood experience with sound and 3D titles of your choosing. StarLab is "The First In" on-site exclusive content Multi Scene Animations!
      After your guest are superimposed with our animation magic by moving from scene to scene within the clip and acting out, guests send a text or email to receive a link for downloading and social media sharing options. In addition to receiving their printed photo of a frame of the video.
    We animate your guest! yes, you heard that right! Your guest will appear to be moving, disappearing, flying or shrinking all while their simply acting out in front of the green screen with little movement, it's easy! It's a blast and gives guest the sense of being on set and the fun of being creative! Our director of photography executes and directs attendees live while they have a blast acting out and creating their own ideas. A print can optionally be made on the spot from a frame in the video or a predetermined background for a higher quality photo.

The Gif Booth

    StarLab steps things up with the green screen gifs!, Use ANY static still photo or ANY solid colored backdrop, or animated background , Guest have a blast acting out 4 poses that are then animated into a looped gif file. A print can optionally be made showing all 4 poses designed for printing on the spot!.Boomerangs also included. A boomerang is continuous movement like video played forward then reversed into a loop.

Rob Rout - Owner & director of photography with 20 years of event experience!

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