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Professional Portrait photograpby with traditional and solid colored backdrops or use of green screen technologies: Can becreated at any of our on location studio events.

Multiple Green Screen Templates: Guest can choose their favorite numbered template off of our printed customized board with the predetermined green screen templates we collaborate on before the event, this is how they are able to pick which green screen template they would like for there photo, the selected templates are printed and mounted for their viewing, just as they approach the studio set for their picture, they tell the photographer which numbered template they would like. - template instructional print mounted on board: Free of charge.

No need for automated green screen: All technology is instant with a professional photographer tweaking each image just before it prints for the ultimate artistic added touch.. Professional 3 way lighting assures the professional portrait experience and result.

The Photo Booth Alternative! Exclusively designed for more versatility, fun entertainment and space for up to 30 people. Elegant enough for a fashion shoot and fast enough for a mid air jump shot. each shot directed by you or our professional photographer for the ultimate pose and crowd control. if you are considering the little photo booth you climb into of yesteryear with boring backdrops and old out of date looking pictures, think again, this full service does all the same things plus much much more, such as interactive green screen technologies, a professional photographer to create the ultimately oicture, faster and bigger prints all the way from 4x6  5x7, 6x8 and 8x10 prints, amazingly we can produce an entire photo package consisting of all sizes , even wallets in less that 1 minute!!!   Rob 770-696-4622

On Site Printing: Blazing fast multiple printers optionally printing different sizes all at the same time, One 4x6 print in 8 seconds flat, one 5x7/6x8 print in 15 seconds flat and 8x10's in 45 seconds flat. Complete photo packages in one minute flat with professional results. Unbelievable for proms or events you would like to sell these packages at , we offer a profit sharing program so call today for a customized quote for your special event. Rob 770-696-4622

Live Photo Uploads: Each guest can use our touch screen monitor to upload thier photos to thier own email, Facebook or Twitter accounts within just seconds from our priprietary deliveriy system. The system is customizable with advanced features such as full Data Collection capabilities including: email collections, instant survey questions and overlayed logo with graphics on green screen or non green screen photos, all of which are saved to file on the spot. Photos can also be posted to Starlabs Photo Retrieval gallery for free down loads or sales after the event .. We also can provide an option for each guest to "like" any designated Facebook page as guest upload to their photo to thier own facebook page facebook

Roving Event Coverage: Our highly trained and much experienced photographers can cover any type of event at hand with the professional quality expected form a professional photographer, our Atlanta event photographers have years of experience shooting all types of events (yes the same kind your having) and can handle any type of event conceivable. We edit and scrutinized each image after the event and provide the images on disk or in a download from our website. Dual coverage for both rovng event coverage and our instant on site service PHOTO BOOTH ALTERNATIVE is a great way to simplfy your vender hiring experance., why hire two companies when we can handle the whole kit and caboodle.

Live Real Time Slideshows: yes real time! We have the technology from our instant on site print/photo booth set up to wearilessly show the photos taken as they are taken, they can be transmitted to a nearby location shown your designated monitor in the form of a photo slideshow, your guest will flip as they see their photo displayed at the event in our live ultimate slideshow production, making StarLab productions the creator of your STAR attendee's!

 Phone: 770-696-4622