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StarLab Productions has been doing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for over 15 years! Our 4 main key products can be purchased separately or combined together. 1." The Photographers booth" Instant Green Screen photo's. 2. "The Gif Booth" - Green Screen | boomerangs and Gif's with optional graphically designed borders for print. 3. "The Video Booth" - Green Screen | sound | slow motion | Wind Machine | Photographers Booth and Gif booth. 4. StarLab innovates a new all-inclusive product called "The Directors Set" - 3D Name Titles | Sound | Multiple scenes within a clip | Animate your guest to fly, shrink, grow, appear and disappear thru the magic of our exclusive proprietary animation software for a real Hollywood Experience. Extra photographers for coverage also available to cover your rehearsal and reception, this will save you enough to pay for our entire package at crazy discounted rates with any combination of services!

The Gif Booth
Green Screen, No Sound, Photos & Boomerangs


Services List:

The Photographers Booth -  Can double as a portrait studio and photo booth all in one! Provides Instant high quality on-site photos within a 8-30 second print time with amazing quick edit and photo manipulations all done on the fly for instant gratifications that far exceed the speed and quality of what a mechanical photo booth and attendant can output. Green Screen recommended but optional. Full body shots with feet, Can handle a group shot of up to 25 people printed & delivered in 5 minutes
The Directors Set – Our all inclusive premiere service, includes, video, SOUND, gif and photographers booth. Attendees act out in front of our green screen set and are animated to move, grow, shrink or even disappear with multi camera scene angles, just like the way movies are made! A 15-20 second clip is then ready for text or email accompanied by a link along with a full resolution printed photo!  We can customize the animation or pick from our collection of movie like animated scenes that simulate many popular sci fi movies and even mysterious wizardry! This New innovation, exclusive from StarLab and it’s amazing technology is delivered instantly to your guest.
The Gif booth - 4 pose animated green screen gif with email, text and printed photo of each poses with optional high quality print format. (NO SPOUND)
The Video Booth - Slow and fast motion effects with motion backgrounds using green screen technology with SOUND! (Includes gif , photographers booth & uploads
Live slide show -  Photos, Gifs and video added to a live slide show as it;s being made.
Step & Repeat Banner - Large printed banner including logo and red carpet. Optional photographer with Instant 4x6 prints also available.
Photo Novelties - : Event folders, frames, coffee cups, t-shirts, refrigerator photo magnets, mouse pads and more produced on the spot!
Professional event photography coverage - Edited photos and free web gallery for all to download free. An add on or standalone service, you own the copyrights!
Photo Booth Express - Smaller and limited version of the photographers booth, 3/4 shots (from knees and up)  3 green screen backgrounds or non green screen, photo strips,or 4x6 prints.


Also Perfect for: Wedding receptions, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Reunions, Proms, and all holiday parties!