The photographers booth

We service Gala's, Employee appreciation parties, Internal business meetings, Brand Activations, Experiential marketing at trade show Exhibit Booths and Grand Openings. Using our high quality interactive backgrounds with our instant green screen service is an experience your guest will not forget! By having experienced photographers puts you one step above a mechanical photo booth attendee. Our Professional photographers are experts in handling high volume of attendees! We can service nation wide. Call today: 770-696-4622

Let StarLab Productions help create branding for any themed event by using our green screen photos with amazing quick edit and photo manipulations on the fly for instant high quality prints, all within seconds that far exceed the speed and quality of what a mechanical photo booth can output.

Our photo service is Fun, Entertainment and a unique take home for your valued guest! Print times are determined by the size of the photo, 4x6 - 5x7 - 6x8 & 8x10 sizes are available within 8 - 60 seconds. Prints can be made to be put into a variety of novelty items such as: Event frames, photo magnets, Coffee cups, Mouse pads, T-Shirts and more, all done on the spot by our team! Call StarLab Productions today for custom quoting and serving your specific needs!

The Directors Set


The Gif Booth


If you would like event coverage, our professional photographer will capture your event highlights, group shots, table shots and capture the essence of the rooms ambiance. Award ceremony photos and other commemorative roving photos can wirelessly be transmitted to our upload touch screens strategically placed in the room. Optionally photos can be printed, placed in frames and ready for on the spot pick up. Logo's and graphics can be applied to each photo as it uploads. Full service data collection technologies with robust Facebook marketing features are built in and available, acquire facebook likes, emails, surveys and links to your site. Learn more by calling us today... *

StarLab is highly experienced in creating a buzz at Exhibit booths using interactive green screen photography with social media data mining image upload technologies. Offering a wide variety of data collection services. see our social event marketing services page for more details. Brand activation and grand openings are just a few of the events types we've serviced.

We have worked at many of Atlanta's trade show and convention centers, including GWCC, AmericasMart, GICC, Cobb Galleria Centre, CNN Center, Music City Hall and other south east facilities. Award ceremonies - Employee appreciation parties - Gala's - Exhibit booths - Brand activations - Social media event marketing - Data capture - Experiential Marketing - Instant on-site printing - Roving candid coverage - Head shots - Holiday Parties.

Social Marketing

Having creative and strategic strategies is no longer enough with today's demanding brands. The ability to effectively engage customers and have measurable ROI is sometimes of even greater importance. StarLab's services create effective engagement of potential customers to become saturated with your brand across the social media highway. Attendee's instantly take home our exclusive directors sets video, gif or printed branded photo to build a consistent experience with measurable results in brand activation and promotion. This allows for more meaningful interactions with prospects and clients leading to a measurable impact on the bottom line.

All of our services are implemented and then executed instantly on-site as full featured data collections service with the advantage that each person is engaged in the process at the event before they can upload their photo, as oppose to hoping they will visit a website at a later date after the event is long gone. Emails are collected and customizable survey questions are just a nano second away before uploading their photo to share across the social media highway with all data available minutes after the event ends.

Ever ask yourself how you can significantly boost your company's marketing efforts? We offer a way to interact with your attendees that is unique, playful and sends them home with a photo, video or gif images, a memory they can frame, display and treasure forever while sharing it across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and friends. . You will be improving your brand by cultivating leads and maximizing your return on investment.

We all know people remember how they're interacted with - the more fun, the more meaningful. So while you're taking care of business, why not cut loose and get them to laugh out loud using Starlab Productions cutting edge technology solution?

Another of our services advantage is that it continues to maximize your investment long after the event is past. Everyone loves a photo of themselves and their friends! They will be shown, shared and displayed in the workplace for years to come. A disk of all images is created so you can continue to use them again and again in any number of different ways.

Whether you're connecting with existing or potential contacts they'll all know you appreciate them. Each of them will feel valuable when they know they are your number one concern.

Engage your Attendee's

Perfect for exhibit booths, trade shows, conferences, conventions, in store sales launches, product launch, open house, new and existing TV programing, movie launch promotions and accelerating brand recognition. Brand your product in a variety of ways, including fans with real celebrities or the use of our celebrity template gallery, attendees will love to have their picture taken with any celebrity you want using our advanced green screen technologies. Let StarLab handle your photo marketing needs with the experience and skills necessary to make that lasting impression to be remembered long after your event. Guest instantly upload their photo to their own personal Facebook, Twitter, instagram & Email. Each upload has the option to ask guest to ‘like” your Facebook page, increasing your number of "likes" Likes are Assignable to any Facebook page.

Pre-customized Facebook messages, along with their own, posted on their wall when they upload photos, photos can post to their wall and fan page simultaneously. After photos are on their Facebook page there can be a link created, when clicked, it can go to a customized unique URL or companies URL. This web page, where all photos also are displayed, gives guest the option to share photos and thoughts about the event, it is customizable with options such as videos and photos – customized web page - such as links to the companies website. This is an amazing branding opportunity. Pre-customized Twitter tweaks as photos are posted instantly live.

Pre-determine the email “from” address, subject line and email message that your guests will receive with their photo embedded in the body of their email when emailing their photo, e-mail addresses can optionally be saved for instant deliver on a spreadsheet, .CVS file

Ask any number of survey questions as guest upload their photos, answers are saved to a spread sheet and available along with e-mail address at the end of the event, all within just minutes & saved to a jump drive, download link or emailed to you. Roving photographer with upload feature attached is also available and is mobile, also applying logo and graphics as photo is uploaded. (non Green Screen) Instant 4x6 - 5x7 - 6x8 - 8x10 prints and full packages in less than one minute - professional photography with 5 point lighting.